Creating Your Climate Adaptation Video

Your Adaptation Idea

If the videos on our home page have inspired you to come up with your own Climate Adaptation idea or project, this video will give you tips on shaping it up and presenting it to the world!

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Video-Making Tips:

Check out these basic tips on filming and editing your video. It can be technically very simple: the key focus is having a strong, well communicated idea:

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This extra short clip will explain how to upload your video ready for submission once you have completed it. Below is a summary of other important things to remember and include when coming up with your climate adaptation idea and making your video.

To submit your video to Here Comes the Future click the link and fill out the form. Here are some key things to remember:

  • Your video must not be longer than 5 minutes
  • It must be appropriate for all audiences age 10 years and above
  • You need to upload it to Vimeo or YouTube to generate a link (watch the video on this page to find out how to do that)
  • You will need the consent of your parent or guardian to submit your video


Your Climate Adaptation Idea

  1. Climate Knowledge – Have you clearly communicated an effect of climate change that your idea is adapting to?


  1. A Clear Idea – Have you explained your climate idea in a way that makes sense, and can be understood by anyone 10 years old and over?


  1. Accurate Facts – are your facts correct, and if you use scientific explanations are they accurate?


  1. Can it be done? – Is your idea practical? Is it something that can actually be carried out? Whose help are you going to need, and how will you get them involved?


Remember to check out our Resources Page to learn more about Climate Change and Climate Adaptation, and our Projects Page to get inspiration from the many Climate Adaptation Projects that are already creating positive change in Gippsland.

Making Your Video

  1. If you are filming yourself or one of your team, make sure that the face is central and well lit and the background is not distracting. Also make sure there is no background noise.


  1. You can also just record your voice (e.g. using a voice memo app) and add images, clips and graphics to create video. You can even use animation or puppetry.


  1. When it comes to putting your video together (editting) there are many apps and programs available for both computer and phone. is a great straightforward option that is free to use.


  1. Remember: Your climate adaptation idea is what matters most – your video can be really simple. We won’t be impressed with fancy film-making if your idea doesn’t come through loud and clear!