We've had to adapt too!

When we set up Here Comes the Future in October 2021 our plan was to run a video competition, with the top videos in each age-group (in each of our five categories: Land, Coast & Ocean, Food, Waste and Energy) being screened at the Youth Summit. Emerging out of lockdowns into a year of rapid change was tough on everyone, and that plan just didn’t come together. However, the videos that introduced that competition still give a great overview of the Here Comes the Future project…

We've had to adapt too!

1. What’s this all about?

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Project presenter Will Tait gives an overview of “Here Comes the Future” touching on how climate change is affecting Gippsland and inviting emerging youth leaders to come up with a climate adaptation idea.

2. Climate Change in Gippsland

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A deeper dive into climate change: how it’s affecting different parts of Gippsland, some of the things that are causing it, and how we can respond with positive action.

Head to the Resources page to learn more.

3. Climate Adaptation Projects

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An inspiration reel: Exciting climate adaptation projects from around Gippsland that demonstrate the power of coming together to solve challenges.

Check out the Projects page for links to these and other exciting projects.

We adapted by shifting our focus. The Youth Summit became a space for participants to explore the concept of Climate Adaptation, and develop the confidence to share their ideas. We’re now in conversation with our Summit attendees about what Here Comes the Future does next. Maybe a video competition will take off with support from the right partners?  Maybe we stick to live events to ignite the spark of collective action? Either way we’d love to hear from you, old or young, if you think you’d like to get involved. We’d also love to hear from any schools who want to incorporate us into their learning activities. Please get in touch via the Contact page to start a conversation with us.

In the meantime our video submission page is still active, so check it out if feel inspired to make your own on-screen shout out and send it through to us!

"...who knows, your climate adaptation idea may grow into a project that benefits all of Gippsland long into the future!"